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Local Mediacom clients have clicked their remotes simply to see that a number of their favourite channels reveal perhaps not Who is the Boss, or even”Columbo,” however an email on a contract dispute using Tegna major channel group and their requirement to pull on the station.

Approximately 16 Tegna channels in 11 nations went dark into Mediacom Communications clients Dec. 31, after the parties did not reach a retransmission consent agreement. These days, there’s not any deadline for once the dispute might be depended.

Tegna Stations on Mediacom go black

Mediacom’s contract for those channels expired in 5 pm on Dec. 31. At that moment, Mediacom has been made to screen outside the stations.

For Mediacom in order to transport these channels, or re transmit their signs, we have to get a contract to accomplish this, explained Phyllis Peters, ” a Mediacom spokesperson.

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Mediacom has been made to quit taking the channels, despite the fact that it wanted to cover that which the cable company named a”significant” growth of its prior arrangements, clarified Peters.

Tegna is currently requiring prices which can be more than just about any other broadcast channel we take on our Mediacom station line ups anywhere, she explained.

Greater commission demands largely would be the consequence of consumers’ shifting viewing habits; they watch more content that is subscribed as opposed to broadcast stations, forcing down advertising earnings, Peters clarified.

To cancel those revenue fluctuations, television channel owners desire to enhance the values that vendors, such as Mediacom, need to payoff.

After we have been made to cover these ever-escalating rates, it’s our clients who wind up paying those raised prices, explained Peters.

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Broadcast channels are extremely costly to take. While we all understand these channels really are crucial to a number of our clients, we also realize our clients desire to place a lid on ever-rising rates, and we’re wanting to accomplish this once we continue to negotiate together with Tegna, she explained.

The offer supplies Mediacom retransmission consent rights to grey channels positioned in over 35 different U.S. tv niches. Additional provisions of the deal weren’t revealed.

Around Mediacom Communications

Mediacom Communications Corporation is the 5th biggest cable operator in the USA and the top gigabit broadband service provider to smaller markets chiefly from the Midwest and south east. Throughout its own high-value system,

Mediacom gives you highspeed statistics, phone and video services to over 1.4 million households and companies around 22 nations.

The business delivers scalable broadband services into commercial and publicsector clients of all sizes throughout Mediacom Business, also sells production and advertising services below the OnMedia brand. Extra info regarding Mediacom can be found at

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