Seven teams up with Queensland Education Department

The revolutionary venture will observe age-appropriate program broadcast on Seven’s free to air virtual system, 7 TWO, all through Period two for Queensland students, starting this Friday.

Seven teams up with Queensland Education Department

With traditional schooling severely affected by COVID-19, and students invited to keep in the home unless their parents are crucial workers.

The alliance involving Channel Seven and Education Queensland can go along way to ensuring Queensland school kids remain on their schooling course.

Seven teams up with Queensland Education Department

State faculty instructors will combine Seven’s lifestyle show characters to deliver audiovisual lessons dependent on the Australian program — including early, late and middle chief school-age youngsters.

Making courses reachable via free-to-air tv will probably be especially crucial to families living in regional and remote areas of Queensland, notably those who have none or limited online access.

Education Minister, Grace Grace said it had been an exciting venture: “Among the substantial advantages of a free-to-air broadcast with this sort is the way it can reach into communities which have connectivity problems.

Our national and state reaction for the particular outbreak is a watershed moment in our own lives and can be redefining how we work and learn. The creative venture with Seven illustrates that

Queensland’s TV-based Education

Brisbane Times was told daily’s classroom is going to be two hours likely, and each slot of 2 hours includes a variety of six 15-minute lessons from various teachers.

It’s not yet clear just how much of this vision is shot.

Some vision is going to be taken on i-phone, some moved out of laptops, while others should originate in Education Queensland.

It is going to be then created by networks into the two-hour packages, which are going to be presented three days every week probably.

Negotiations are currently underway on the way the bundles must be ordered.

Two different those who talked to Brisbane Times explained a presenter would go to the bundles.

This has been supported by another source. Perhaps they’re getting to divide various courses for different age classes, but that’s been validated,” said the foundation.


Although a few imply the packages are organized around ranges – as an example, Years three to five – the others are indicating the bundles are arranged throughout areas.

I genuinely believe that it’s likely to alter what material we get from educators broadly,” someone else said.

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